Features Of Mobility Solutions From Compusoft

Works on Any Device : The mobile solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM offered by Compusoft can work on any device and any platform – IOS, Windows Mobile or Android.

Customizable to Your Needs : The mobility solutions from Compusoft can be customisable to your needs. All the customisations of Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be incorporated in these mobile solutions. Plus, if you want to customise the mobile solutions specifically, you could do that too.

Use all the Features of your Smart Device : The mobility solutions from Compusoft utilises and integrates with all the features of your smartphone or tablet to give you more utility and a rich user experience. Work on offline mode, use maps, view dashboards, get calendar, use photographs from your smart device to get a better CRM experience.

Enterprise Security : Get enterprise security features on your smart device using the mobility solutions offered by Compusoft for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Our solutions have features relating Mobile Device Management and Active Directory management to ensure enterprise level security features.

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