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In this Hi-Tech era where people want their things to be done in just a single click. AI – driven technology ChatBots are becoming more and more meaningful to brands as well as individuals. It’s a unique way to engage with brands and get your questions answered without getting on long wait calls.

The ‘human + AI’ model is interesting when it has deep problem solving abilities. And everyone looks out for such specific and deep uses of conversational AI.

Compusoft introducing ProcMATE a process automation tool which allows users to manage, integrate, analyze, measure ROI and also gives instant real time insights. It acts as an Omni channel platform that easily gets integrated with many digital and social channels like Facebook messengers, WhatsApp, SMS, Skype, Twitter, LinkedIn, Line, WeChat, etc. with more focus on customer engagement, conversational ecommerce, customer service and query fulfilment. And A Digital Middleware platform which had the full-fledged integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP, Sales force, Oracle, etc. & Marketing analytics platforms.

Let’s see more about How ProcMATE is different than a FAQ based ChatBot.?

ProcMATE – a process automation tool is a way more than just a messaging tool. It is a complete AI driven process automation platform for enterprises which can transform your organizations from Reactive to Pro-Active.

Here are what ProcMATE offers you with the existing features of what a “Chatbot” can.

ProcMATE Other ChatBots
A complete business process automation engine which can trigger business process across different customer touchpoint’s. Just a messaging platform which enables to understand only structured events for triggering the business process.
Has a cognitive workflow for self-served journey of Customer Acquisition, Customer On-boarding and Customer Support. An alternative for a Chat Server and gives only FAQ based response.
Utilizes Machine Learning (ML) & Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to understand and identify fraud detection. Has limited capability to understand natural language to identify the threat responses.
Skips lead form, template response and gives a meaningful conversation when someone clicks on display ad. Redirects a prospect to a web page or a link instead of giving real time information on the same channel.

ProcMATE - An Enterprise Digital Middleware

A new age middleware to run business process from digital & Social Channels and integrate seamlessly with your partner network.

digital middleware for organizations

ProcMATE - Your 24*7 Virtual Agent for Marketing

In this highly competitive landscape, making customer engagement contextual & meaningful helps you stay ahead of the competition.

omni channel platform for customer engagement

Are you ready to transform your organization digitally ??

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