ProcMATE ( Business Process Automation Tool )

ProcMATE provides enterprises with a Business Process Model toolset that can be used to model and automatize business processes with a view to optimize costs and enhance work efficiency.

ProcMATE automates business processes and use the underlying machine learning layer to continuously monitor the transactions. The ML layer detects & prompts real time feedback to the engine which adapts to frequently changing business needs for maximizing efficiency and minimising operational cost. The users can initiate a process across channels like chatbot, SMS, twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, etc.

Compusoft helps to automate business process through our business automation tool i.e. “ProcMATE”. Digital Lending and Insurance claim is one of the readily available solution for financial institutions with real time intelligence to help the customers with access to immediate actionable insights.

Use Cases

Lead Engagement
Customer On-Boarding
Customer Servicing
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