What is ProcMate ?

an AI-based Enterprise Platform for Digital Transformation

ProcMate automates business processes and use the underlying Machine Learning (ML) layer to continuously monitor the transactions. The ML layer detects & prompts real time feedback to the engine which adapts to frequently changing business needs for maximizing efficiency and minimizing operational cost.

The users can initiate a process across channels like Chatbot, E-mail, SMS, Missed Calls, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Messenger, LinkedIn, etc.

ProcMate is an AI driven digital transformation platform which offers Cognitive workflow & Digital middleware for organizations to create a connected ecosystem. ProcMate’s Cognitive workflow suite provides pre-build components & integrations to capture relevant information’s, documents, identities, & other verifications required to on-board your customer.

It is a cost effective, on-demand, pay-per-use-model incorporating cutting-edge cognitive technologies into traditional BPM software.

Automating your Customer Acquisition Journey \ Automating your Customer Service Journey

Unstructured & Structured Payload

Automated flow and a suite for cognitive Business Process Automation with a conversational interface.

Event Architecture

Process analytics suite which utilizes proprietary NLP & ML algorithms to inject intelligence into operational systems like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce.com, Etc.

Machine Learning

A machine-learning conversational engine tailored to detect context & sentiment with its hybrid nature allowing users to switch back & forth in real time.

Omni Channel

Cognitive API’s that provide insights using edge analytics in real time & connect to a variety of core systems using Omni channels.

How ProcMate Help

ProcMate helps to enhance your business process significantly

Navigates Different Digital Landscaps

Responsive web design, supports different screen sizes which can be easily navigated through any device and channels.

Simplifies Complexity

It has built and designed to simplify and complete complex business process task.

Real Time Insights

Gives actionable insights in real time for descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analysis.

Improve Workflows

Easy setup and smooth workflow process of data through different systems.


The work process can be scaled according to requirements.

Easy to integrate with other systems

Easily gets integrated with existing applications.

Fast Work

Rapid work process capability with fast paced technology.

Business Process Use Cases

Lead Engagement
Customer On-Boarding
Customer Servicing

Benefits of ProcMate

True-Omni-channel Platform

ProcMate Digital Middleware allows your customers to experience your brand across social & digital channels . it works together to provide the best customer experience.

On-demand Platform

A SaaS and on – premise platform which provides business process automation based on a readily available cognitive business processes.

Deployment in weeks

A platform with readily available Process templates for seamless customer – on boarding & customer Service.

Upgraded Customer Experience

Omni-channel Process Platform furnishes customers for Self-service at their own convenience.
Cutting-edge machine learning technology ensures the best available customer experience

Connections with existing applications

Easily integrates with the existing software and provides fast output of the given task.

What ProcMate Helps to Solve

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