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In IT / Consulting Sales, the most often asked questions are “Where are We”, “What is Pipeline Visibility” and “What needs to be done”

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  • Most Information Technology / Consulting enterprises deal with products or services that have a long sales cycle involving: multiple sales people, processes and steps. The potential customer (prospect) takes a longer time and effort to decide as they are high value / high impact decisions.
  • The product or service offerings are often complex involving multiple line items, multiple billing methods, etc. This makes proposal building a complex affair.
  • Marketing or Prospect identification process is not straight forward. Prospects are identified by a combination of traditional marketing activities, by leveraging vendor / channel relationships, leveraging client references and internal business relationships. Sales in IT / Consulting Companies is complex.

Yet Visibility of Sales Pipeline is extremely important as it determines the capacity forecasts of its raw material: MANPOWER. Inaccuracies can lead to manpower shortage or working capital problems.

In short, in IT / Consulting sales, the most often asked questions are Where are We, What is the Visibility of Our Pipeline and What needs to be done to close. But the most difficult to answer.

CRM for Tech / Consulting can provide Sales Visibility

There are 2 important factors that help in getting you the Visibility to Sales. One: A CRM system that is exactly built for Consulting / IT companies because there is uniqueness in the way Sales / Marketing activities are carried out here. Two: The ability of the sales workforce to update. Like the best laid plans, the best CRM systems are useless, if not put to use by the sales or marketing people.

CRM for Tech / Consulting from Compusoft is exactly built to address the unique sales, marketing & customer support processes of Technology or Consulting Businesses. The solution is user and device friendly – to enable the sales people to update information with ease. And it goes beyond. The solution provides a tool that help him in selling more effectively. To enterprises, it ensures Accurate Sales Visibility – Real Time.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In Marketing in IT or Consulting business, successful lead generation is a combination of marketing initiatives and business connects. The better your business connects, the better is the absorption of marketing message.

With Compusoft’s CRM for Tech/Consulting, you have the ability to successfully execute multiple marketing campaigns & at the same time, leverage the social connects that you have. The social connector of CRM integrates with social networking sites like Linkedin, Facebook, etc, to connect with your business contacts & their contacts. The campaign management tool, helps you plan & execute marketing campaigns (email, newsletter, tele calling, events etc) to communicate your marketing message to the social connections.


If a system or software helps its users in easing their work, then, its adoption is better. So is the case with CRM. If the CRM, eases the work of the sales person, then, its adoption and usage is better – which will automatically lead to accurate sales visibility.

Compusoft’s CRM for Tech/Consulting is a tool that actually eases the workload of the sales person. The sales manager would love to use Compusoft’s CRM, because, it accurately shows visibility. The sales people would use the tool because it provides them tools to reduce their workload in their entire sales process, like social view of business relationships, performance dashboard, repository of marketing collaterals, quote builder, etc. This ensures that the tool is also used for sales updates ensuring accurate visibility.


In Tech / Consulting business, creating quotations is a complicated process. It could be a combination of multiple product / service offerings, which has multiple billing methods. If there is software product licensing, then, it can involve complex product lines.

Using the Quote Configurator of Compsoft’s CRM for Tech / Consulting, you could create multiple master opportunities and sub-opportunities, automatically configure quotes for them and present them at a consolidated level. This helps you to deal with complexities of multiple product / service offerings involving multiple LOBs to a customer. Compusoft’s CRM for Tech/Consulting also helps you to manage quotations for software licensing. All you need to do is to upload the price sheets of vendors and the CRM is intelligent to automatically create product variants & their prices.


In Tech / Consulting business, the sales teams work on matrix organisations handling multiple lines or business, products, services, geographies, etc. Target setting and Monitoring goals can be a tough challenge. This can impact periodic performance reviews and sales rigour.

Compusoft’s CRM for Tech / Consulting helps you set goals for complex matrix organisations and provide tools and dashboards to monitor these targets. You could easily set roles & responsibilities, assign quantitative / qualitative targets and measure accomplishment online. You could also provide dashboards to the sales people so that they can also measure their accomplishment online. This enables your sales managers to have regular and more meaningful performance review sessions with your sales teams.

Features of CRM for Tech / Consulting

  • Socially Linked Contact Management
  • Social Connections view of Contacts
  • Profiling and Segmentation of Contacts
  • Social Listening & Social Campaigns
  • Campaign Management with ROI on campaigns
  • Target Setting for Matrix Organisations
  •   Performance measurement tools
  • Repository of Sales Aids & Collaterals
  • Mobility solution for Sales Workforce
  • Quote Builder for Complex Proposals
  • Quote Builder for Software Licenses
  • CRM Dashboards
  • Customizable Process Work-flows
  • Integration with backend ERP systems
  • Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Available on Cloud or on Premise
  • "We express our thankfulness to Compusoft team’s contribution and capabilities, in the areas of innovative approaches to problem solving and making design decisions, deep understanding of Microsoft CRM on Cloud systems and processes. These factors were essential in helping us see beyond the initial requirements – and frequent challenges to realize the full potential of the systems being deployed."
    Vivek Gupta (President) Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic
  • "Compusoft team operates at the upper end of the expertise spectrum and has been at the forefront in assisting and presenting new processes at our premises. The company has embraced a long term strategy as critical to maintaining a competitive advantage whether it be On Cloud or On Premise Microsoft Dynamics CRM."
    Apsara Shetty (Director) Relacs Investment Private Limited
  • "The key requirements for effective implementation of Microsoft CRM on Cloud model were the activities defined should be operational and an understanding of licensing culture. Compusoft consultants came out trumps on both scores."
    Sudarsan Ranganathan (Managing Director & CEO) Veeras Infotek Private Limited (India & Middle East)
  • "We at Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd, , were looking for better controls on space allocations and quicker way to get the MIS on occupancy and vacancy status. We collaborated with Compusoft’s Dynamics Space Management Solution to leverage not only to optimize the space utilizations but also took the leverage of the Business Analytics provided on Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform which helped deliver much faster allocation of seats capabilities & cost allocation to different business units"
    Shamsher Sindhu (Vice President) Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited
  • "Microsoft Dynamics service offerings are redefining how business solutions permit people for greater success, forecast forthcoming issues and opportunities, and enable organizations to expand the possibilities for competitive advantage. MS Dynamics solutions integrate the world's best practices & business processes collected over years of experience and learning from the industry which enable our organization to maximize returns on our Microsoft Dynamics investments"
    Vivek Gupta (President) Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic
  • "The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online solutions allowed us to leverage B2B connect model to deliver right solutions for our customers. The Solution helps enterprises to stay connected with clients, partners. They also enable enterprise to control information at any given point of time from anywhere."
    Apsara Shetty (Director) Relacs Investment Private Limited
  • "The robust platform of Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows us full flexibility to connect at any given point of time from around the world on mobile & desktop which not only provides us with a ready on hand information but also enables our organization in quick decision making & optimize internal processes."
    Sudarsan Ranganathan (Managing Director & CEO) Veeras Infotek Private Limited (India & Middle East)

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