Return to Workplace – Post COVID SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) Management App

A Standard Operating Procedure has been established to ensure the safety of the employees and their families against Covid-19.

Now every organization has to chalk out an action plan for resuming operations post Covid-19 with detailed standard operating procedure (SOP) on maintaining social distancing, hygiene and employee safety.

With SOP Management App the organization can reopen responsibly, monitor intelligently, and protect continuously with solutions for a safer work environment.

The solution equips facility managers and task force leaders to make informed decisions to safely reopen locations.

The solution empowers employees to return confidently with self-service tools for working safely and productively.

The solution helps health and safety leaders ensure the care and well-being of workforce.

The Post COVID-19 SOP Management App developed by Compusoft revolves around safety, safety of workforce, Safety at Workplace, Safety for shop floor workers, Safety for manufacturing unit workers, etc.

The SOP details aspects like behavior at workplace, usage of canteen and other common facilities, guidelines in case of sickness and health emergency are explained in detail.

The SOP Management App enables users to fill up and submit daily, weekly checklists on a regular basis.

The SOP Management Mobile App from Compusoft, will also help everyone to stay connected and updated about developments related to COVID-19.

Ask for the SOP Management App today.

The SOP guideline examples are as follows:

  • For social distancing, the company will not be working with not more than 50 % manpower. The social distancing markings are being laid out to ensure a distance of 2 meters at all crowded areas like entry gate, bus stops, water coolers, canteens.
  • There will be regular sanitization of all common / large areas and touch prone areas along with disinfection tunnels at entry and use of automated sanitizer dispensers.
  • For screening and monitoring, it has been recommended and mandatory noncontact body temperature scanning and monitoring the employees’ health.
  • Isolation areas near entry gates will be earmarked and quarantine rooms for suspected cases. Masks will be provided for all employees, PPE for all staff dealing with multiple people and awareness through Trainings.
  • There will be not be more than 50% office employees at any given point of time. Employees to be divided in shifts and alternate day rosters with staggered shift start and end timings.
  • It is mandated for thermal screening pan India including plants, head office, zonal offices, R&D and company transport users to be screened before boarding the bus.
  • The production Employees will be called as per government with shorter shifts for production employees, no overlap between shifts providing a cushion of almost 1 hour for disinfection.
  • There will be decontamination of common use areas in every shift. Every entrant must pass through tunnels spraying disinfectant mist of Sodium Hypochlorite. There will be frequent disinfection / sanitization of all touch points.
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