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Dynamics 365/CRM Online Data Archival

Dynamics 365/CRM Online Data Archival

Dynamics 365/CRM Online Data archival Solution connects to the source CRM organization in Dynamics 365 instance and archives the data from source organization to destination Azure SQL server database. Archived database is completely replication of the Dynamics 365 CRM data with additional archived data. User can then configure what period of data needs to be archived from base CRM Instance. As the CRM data is made available on the Azure SQL data, it can be used as a platform for PowerBI analytics.

Dynamics 365/CRM Online Data Archival

Solution Features

  • Availability of Archived data on cloud
  • Cost saving by reducing the data consumption in Dynamics 365 CRM
  • Performance improvement of Dynamics 365 CRM
  • Data platform for designing various reports and analytics
  • Platform for integration with different systems
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