India GST e-Invoicing and e-Way Bill with Business Central

e-Invoicing and e-Way Bill Solution with Business Central

Compusoft Advisors, with cutting-edge business automation solutions within the realm of Microsoft Dynamics 365. With a proven track record of catering to the needs of small, medium, and large enterprises, we have emerged as pioneers in crafting tailored solutions. Leveraging the power of Business Central, our team has meticulously designed a robust answer for those seeking seamless e-Invoicing and e-Way bill management, specifically tailored to the unique requirements of India-based clientele. Step into the world of streamlined operations and regulatory compliance as we guide you through the realm of electronic invoicing and e-way bill solutions.


e-Invoicing is an add on tool developed in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for India based customers, A robust and scalable solution for end-to-end automation for GST Invoice


The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) has recently announced, Effective from August 1, 2023, turnover of 5 crores or more will be required to generate e-Invoices for all their transactions.

e-Invoicing Features

End to end automation

  • Clearance & Electronic Lodging
  • Accurate country-wise documents
  • Rest-API Integrations with respective government systems
  • Automatically Keep-up with changes
  • Effortlessly integrate, load and transform
  • Multisource I/P – e-Invoice
  • Choice of integration API/s-FTP

Auto-Bridge for additional outcomes

  • Accounting Ledgers & Reporting
  • Tax compliance reporting by country
  • Prepare accounting ledgers to take back to financial systems
  • Cash and other multi-way Reconciliations

e-Way Bill Processing Simplified with e-Invoice

Generate E-Way bill

  • Generate E-Way bills transaction wise or in bulk
  • Email the e-Way bill to consignee, transporter & consigner
  • Option to Update, Cancel and extend the e-Way bills Option to Update, Cancel and extend the    e-Way bills

E-Way Bill

e-Way Bill is an add on tool developed in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for India based customers, that helps you manage the entire life cycle of an e-way bill system, right from the generation to updates, rejection and cancellation.

e-Way Bill Features

Collaborative Process from e-Invoice to e-Way Bill

  • Mission-critical performance that is secure
  • Seamless Integrations With One Master Data (OMD), KYC.

Enhance your business processes through the seamless management of e-Invoicing and e-Way Bills using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central’s cutting-edge solution designed specifically for the Indian market. Take the first step towards streamlined operations by reaching out for additional details and a personalized demonstration. Contact us today to embark on your digital transformation journey.

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