Unlock The Power Of Retail Discounts And Offers With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Unlock the Power of Retail Discounts and Offers with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Key Features in
Business Central

Compusoft Advisors Enhanced Solutions

Enhancements with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Transform Your Retail Strategy: Empowering Business Central Integration for Dynamic Discounts and offers

Transform Your Retail Strategy: Empowering Business Central Integration for Dynamic Discounts and offers

In the competitive landscape of retail, staying ahead isn’t just about products—it’s about smart strategies. Business Central offers a robust set of tools for managing discounts and offers. Compusoft Advisors have developed add on solution available in Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Business Central

Key Features in Business Central:

Key Features in Business Central:

  • Customer Discount Groups: Tailor discounts to specific customer groups for personalized and effective promotions.
  • Customer Price Groups: Define pricing structures for different customer segments, optimizing your revenue streams.
  • Sales Invoice and Line Discounts: Apply discounts at both the invoice and item levels, simplifying transaction processes.
  • Streamlined Retail Offers: Manage complex combinations of discounts, catering to quantity-based, item-specific, and seasonal sales.

Compusoft Advisors’ Enhanced Solution:

Compusoft Advisors’ Enhanced Solution:

  • Manual Tracking: Eliminate errors by automating record-keeping for seasonal sales items and offers.
  • Brand and Category Management: Simplify tracking brand and category-wise offer sales.
  • Inventory Management: Balance inventory for seasonal and regular sales to avoid overstocking or understocking.
  • Mix & Match and Multi Buy Discount: Boost promotional creativity with these key functionalities.
  • Coupons and Gift Vouchers: Enhance marketing strategies with the ability to run targeted campaigns (coming soon).

Compusoft Advisors Enhanced solutions

Compusoft Advisors Enhanced solutions

  • Periodic Offers (Seasonal Sales): Effortlessly create and manage seasonal sales offers.
  • Multi-Buy / Mix & Match Combination: Design flexible offers to boost sales and customer engagement.
  • Coupons: Generate and redeem coupons within defined validity periods.
  • Gift Vouchers: Create and manage gift vouchers for promotions and customer loyalty programs (coming soon).
  • Automatic Application: Seamlessly apply offers during sale transactions for customer benefit.

Our solution provides insights into your retail operations, including:

Our solution provides insights into your retail operations, including:

  • Offer Wise Sales Statistics: Gain a deeper understanding of the performance of each offer.
  • Earnings and Profit Analysis per Offer: Assess the profitability of your promotions to refine your strategy.
  • MIS Report on Most Saleable Items: Identify your top-selling products to optimize stock levels and marketing efforts.

The solution described, which integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to enhance retail discounts and offers, is suitable for businesses operating in the retail industry. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Retail Chains: Multi-location retail businesses that want to streamline their discount and offer management across various outlets.
  2. E-commerce: Online retailers looking to optimize their pricing, promotions, and offer strategies for a competitive edge.
  3. Fashion Retail: Clothing and accessory stores aiming to efficiently manage seasonal sales, brand promotions, and category-specific discounts.
  4. Electronics Retail: Businesses selling electronic goods can benefit from tools to manage inventory, discounts, and promotional campaigns.
  5. Supermarkets and Grocery Stores: Manage bulk transactions, implement multi-buy discounts, and optimize inventory for perishable and non-perishable goods.
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  1. Department Stores: Streamline pricing structures, discounts, and promotional activities across diverse product categories.
  2. Specialty Retailers: Businesses focusing on specific product niches, such as beauty, home goods, or sports equipment, can optimize their promotions.
  3. Manage consistent promotions and discounts across a network of franchise locations.
  4. Consumer Goods Retail: Businesses selling various consumer products can use the solution to refine their discount strategies and inventory management.
  5. Automotive Retail: Car dealerships and auto parts retailers looking to manage promotions, discounts, and seasonal sales.

Solution available in Microsoft AppSource

Note: Exciting features like Coupons and Gift Vouchers are coming soon!


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