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Emergency Response Solution | Compusoft

Emergency Response Solution

Know What’s needed and what’s available in the facility!

Our Emergency Response App Instantly report on available beds, equipment in use, COVID-19 patients and more in an emergency situation

Healthcare Emergency Response Resource Tracking

Hospital staff are challenged to meet an increase in number of patients while managing supply chain during emergency. By using the Emergency Response mobile app, frontline workers can quickly view and add data for ventilators, staffing, pending discharges, and COVID-19 related patients.

Compusoft provides apps and dashboards to provide visibility into available beds and supplies like masks and ventilators.

Emergency Response Mobile Apps for Frontline staff

To track key data points and communicate their needs. This includes multiple modules that can be independently activated for:

  • Reporting the current status of Registered Nurses staff and equipment in use.
  • Tracking supplies on hand on each floor or area of the hospital as well as the rate at which they’re being used.
  • Making requests for additional personnel by department, role, and urgency.
  • Reporting counts of those who are positive for COVID-19.

How Compusoft’s PowerApps solution can be used in Healthcare ?

  • Maximize Critical Resources: Instantly report on available beds, equipment in use, COVID-19 patients and more
  • Emergency Response Mobile Apps for Frontline staff: To track key data points and communicate their needs.
  • Staff + Equipment: Collect Status of Registered Nurses and critical equipment by location in that facility.
  • Supplies: Track key supplies to track, manage and forecast inventory more effectively.
  • Staffing Needs: Collect Requests for personnel by department, role and urgency.
  • COVID-19 Stats: Collect Status on how many patients are under investigation for COVID-19 and how many tested positive.
  • Discharge Planning: Collect status and projections on patients discharges.
  • End Shift: Registered Nurses tap the profile icon to sign out at the end of their shift – a great feature for shared devices.

Emergency Response App provides a set of capabilities that a healthcare organization can activate to collect data for situational awareness of available beds, COVID related patients, equipment such as ventilators, staffing, pending discharges and delivers that data into a dashboard for hospital command centers.

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