Crisis Communication App with ChatBot

Whenever crises arise, questions inevitably come up about how to most effectively address them. Regardless of geography or industry, a common challenge all organizations face when responding to crises, is determining how best to share real- time information and provide a platform for employees to connect.

With Crisis Management App You Can…

  • Collaborate with Each Other and Key Stakeholders
  • Respond to Emerging Threats
  • Engage Response Protocols Intelligently

Crisis Management App Features…

  • Available on Mobile and Desktop.
  • Has ability to define company contacts / emergency contacts in case of crisis.
  • Has ability to define work location Home / Office.
  • Has ability to report crisis to appropriate teams internally.
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams as a Channel.

How Crisis Management App works?

Crisis Communications Response App gives:

  • Ability to report any crisis to the respective authorities.
  • Quick response from appropriate authority on receiving an early warning from any team members.
  • Better chances to avert crisis.
  • Ability to monitor steps taken to avert crisis or as a response to crisis.
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