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In today’s fast paced technological world, no organization can practically afford to stay away from modern trending technology. The growing intensity of competition and complexities make the integration of modern technology mandatory. A modern technology completely changes the company’s approach of doing business. When it comes to business process automation (BPA) platform it should be smart enough to compete with the modern business challenges and to meet demanding customer needs. In most of the businesses BPA software’s has changed the way of doing businesses compared with existing technology. All BPA tools which are available are not meant for all business types, it should be fulfilling the exact demand and need of the business you are into. With the expertise of business automation consultants, most of companies are looking to streamline their operations with Business Process Automation Platform.

While executing the business automation solution, it is necessary to identify best and compatible BPA platforms. Here are few useful tips to recognize the best BPA tools for your business.

What are Business Process Automation (BPA) platforms?

Business Process Automation (BPA) empowers enterprises to dramatically reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, improve productivity and accelerate performance with technology.

The major functions of BPA tools are: –

  • Automation of manual processes
  • Regular monitoring of various processes.
  • Optimization of existing processes.
  • Creation of complex processes through easy user interface spanning across various departments and locations

How to recognize the best BPA tools for your Business?

So, Once you have taken a decision to implement BPA, the next and very important step is to select the best tool for the same. There are various tool available in the market called as AI or Machine Learning BPA. But the challenge lies in selecting the right BPA tool catering to your specific business requirement. It is because every company has a discrete criteria and framework or processes.

Here are some important tips/ features to help you recognize the best BPA tool for your business:

Real time intelligence

Real-time business intelligence is a concept describing the process of delivering business intelligence or information about business operations as they occur. Make sure the BPA software has real time business intelligence enabled approach to data analytics that enables business users to get up-to-the-minute data by directly accessing operational systems or feeding business transactions into a real-time data warehouse and BI systems. real-time Business Intelligence helps to support instant decision-making, which is necessary now-a-days. You should always look for a BPA tool which has real time BI technology injected in it.

Real time integration

The BPA Software should be able to integrate with any line of business like other ERP, CRM or enterprise applications, marketing software, accounting software, inventory system, customer service system, Lead management system, etc.


The solution should focus in mission critical elements of industries like Banking, Financial services and Insurance which should be compliant and Secured.

Digital Documentation

The days of paper-based records are coming to an end. As companies do not have the time and resources to follow paper-based documentations. But there is no effective replacement for paper-based documents for certain tasks. Tasks such as contracts or agreements still need physical documents. Thus, when selecting the BPA tool, you must consider the feature for document creation. This will help create documents from the data automatically. Thereby reducing dependency on paper.

Future compatibility

Business landscapes are ever-evolving. The requirements of the business also keep on changing. There might be changes in the market scenario or statutory regulations. Businesses must follow these changes. Thus, while opting for a BPA tool, the company must consider the impact of business automation tool on the bottom line. The BPA tool must support the functionality of easy upgrade of processes. The tool must be compatible with future requirements. Because otherwise, there will be cost escalation and unnecessary delays later-on.

Flexible & Scalable

Processes in any organization are dynamics and may evolve over a period of time. The BPA tool should be intelligent to learn over time and adopt to newer processes. The platform should also be flexible to quickly automate newer processes as may be required for compliance and other business requirements.


In today’s ever-changing environment a process can be initiated from newer channels like social networks (Facebook messenger, twitter, etc..), Chat Bot and also traditional channels like SMS, email. A BPA platform should be compatible across channels to live up to newer as well as traditional channels.

ProcMATE has it all.

The businesses can achieve many customers through this digital transformation. ProcMATE is a technology enabled automation tool for complex business processes. A streamlined Business process tool to simplify the business processes, , helps to achieve digital transformation, increase service quality, improve service delivery with effective cost.

Going into the future, BPA is the only way ahead. Looking to implement strong business automation solution.? You have come to the right place. ProcMATE automates routine operations across your entire organization and unleashes your potential.

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