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In IT / Consulting Sales, the most often asked questions are “Where are We”, “What is Pipeline Visibility” and “What needs to be done”Most Information Technology / Consulting enterprises deal with products or services that have a long sales cycle involving: multiple sales people, processes and steps. The potential customer (prospect) takes a longer time and effort to decide as they are high value / high impact decisions.
The product or service offerings are often complex involving multiple line items, multiple billing methods, etc. This makes proposal building a complex affair.
Marketing or Prospect identification process is not straight forward. Prospects are identified by a combination of traditional marketing activities, by leveraging vendor / channel relationships, leveraging client references and internal business relationships. Sales in IT / Consulting Companies is complex.
Yet Visibility of Sales Pipeline is extremely important as it determines the capacity forecasts of its raw material: MANPOWER. Inaccuracies can lead to manpower shortage or working capital problems.

In short, in IT / Consulting sales, the most often asked questions are Where are We, What is the Visibility of Our Pipeline and What needs to be done to close. But the most difficult to answer.

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