The 17th Star Nite Awards 2018 (VAR Symposium) provided opportunities for India’s Top 100 VARs to learn about RPA, Virtualization, opportunities in Wi-Fi and its implications on the channel growth and newer business opportunities.

A total of 100 awards were given in different categories of Best Wi-Fi Partner, Best Smart City Solution Partner, Best Networking Partner, Best System Integrators, Best Solution Partner, Best Retailer, Best IT Service Provider, Best Sub Distributor, Best VADs, and Best Security Partner.

While 7 partners were awarded as the Best Wi-Fi Partners, 2 as the Best Smart City Solution Partners, 2 as the Best Networking Partners, 23 partners were awarded as the Best System Integrators, 26 as the Best Solution Partners, 3 Best Retailers, 14 Best IT Service Providers, 14 Best Sub-Distributors, 6 Best Value Added Distributors and 11 Best Security Partners.

We’re proud to be recognized by thought leaders in the technology community for our deep work in designing and building great products that address real critical business needs.

Compusoft is a Microsoft Partner company holding a Gold membership which helps SMB, SMC and large Enterprises to manage and set their data from on premise to cloud.

Watch Video Here: youtu.be/DO1lQNazAL4

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