Looking for A Better Way to Streamline Your Accounting Operations?

Learn how you can take advantage of key Accounts Payable automation functionality leveraging Power Automate & AI Builder Platform by Microsoft.

Join this webinar to learn how to extract unstructured data from vendor’s digital invoices & streamline accounts payable with flexible and secure submittal methods, OCR and predefined templates and integration to virtually any ERP system, using our customizable and affordable automation platform.

Who can attend: CIO, CFO, Finance Manager, Accounts Head, MD, CEO

Key Focused Areas:

  • Automation of vendor’s digital invoice data entry across various channels.
  • Rapid allocation assignment by vendor, expense type, department and more through predefined templates.
  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, including TALLY & other legacy applications.

Learn how Accounts Payable Automation can drive efficiencies and savings to your business by leveraging the Power Automate Capabilities.

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